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H1-B Extension / H-1B Transfer

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  • H1-B Extension / H-1B Transfer

    I am working for company A on H1B visa and it expires on 01/27/2015. I initiated H1B extension in company A. Meanwhile I am seeking for a new job outside. If I get a new job with company B, they will start filing H1B transfer. What will happen if my H1B extension gets approved first before the H1B transfer to company B is completed? Do I need to go to India for stamping before I start work with company B?
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    Please help me to move forward. Now I am really confused if I can submit my Extension documents or not.


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      You don't have to go India for stamping in this case ,means you can transfer your H1 B anytime till your current visa is valid. Make sure you have at least one month left with your current visa before you start the transfer. It is possible even after that, it may get a bit complicated.


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        Thanks Syam.