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What to fill in DS156

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  • What to fill in DS156

    I have a vaid B1/B2 visa for 1 year multiply entry, issued in Chennai consulate.
    On my visit, I was denied admision in to USA, at the port of entry (Detroit MI).

    The immigration officer found me inadmisible to U.S. pursuant to 22CFR41.122(h)(3) of the INA as smended and was charged with 212(a)(5)(A)(i) no labour certification. I was permitted to withdraw my application for admission. The immigration officer has not revoked the visa physically canceling it.

    As I may have to visit U.S again next month,
    I would like to clarify some queries about How to fill in the DS156 for the following items.

    35) Has Your U.S. Visa Ever Been Cancelled Or Revoked?
    What to say for this question Yes (or) No.

    38) Have you ever been refused admission to the U.S, or been the susbject of a deportation hearing, or sought to obtain or .......
    What to say for this question Yes (or) No.

    Please respond to this and let me know is that previous one is going to effect the current Visa Interview..

    Thanks in Advance.

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    one of my ex-colleague also travelled to US on B1 initially, but denied entry at the same Detroti(MI). he was deported back to India. But later he got H1 and came once again without any poroblem. he is very much settled here. So there won;t be any affect for your current visa as long as you have good supporting docs.


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      Mention only the truth in the application forms.