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Urgent- H1 visa revoked

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  • Urgent- H1 visa revoked


    My visa status on site is shown as "the previous decision made on your case was revoked and we mailed you a notice explaining the decision. " This is as of July 18th. My had made an revocation application on June 18th. I have a H1 stamped valid till September 2014.

    I have some questions and would appreciate genuine response:

    1) When will my 180 days start click? July 18th USCIS made decision or June 18th employer filed application.
    2) I am out of status- in this case would it be possible for me to get on f1 or b2 status? what is time frame of getting this status and chances of approval?
    3) what are my other options?- people have mentioned I get the project asap, but I don't see any positiveness in getting project in 2 weeks time frame.
    4) Can I get Canada visa if I am out of status?

    Thank you in advance