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    I changes status from F1 (Complete Masters) to H1 this June. From June to end of July I was in training and was not paid. In the intervening period, I got an offer to work for the state gov. and applied for transfer. So when I left the company and joined the state job, I did not have a pay stub and also an experience letter. But, I have an offer letter and a letter stating the date I started. I have all the paystubs of the state job.

    My question:
    1. Will it be alright if I go for stamping without the experience letter and pay stub from the private company?
    2. There is no date available in Chennai, can I go to Delhi, as they have a date for Jan in Delhi?
    3. Can I go for an emmergency appointment in Chennai, as I will be going to India for business purpose only, during which time I want to get the stamping done?

    Suggestion will be greatly appreciated.