Thanks so much for this website and the folks who help people by addressing VISA questions and concerns.

I have recently cleared my H1 interview. As you know, the VISA starts from the date mentioned in the petition. It would be nice, if you can help me understanding the below items.

1. If the joining date provided by my US employer is Sep 8th 2014, when can I travel to the US? I got this concern as I am not sure whether I can travel way earlier than my joining date.
2. As I mentioned earlier, my petition has been approved in Sep’13 and appeared for the interview in Jun’14. And I am willing to travel to the US in Sep’14 as I don’t have a joining date yet. Are there any concerns?
3. What are the documents required in the ‘port of entry’. I am under the impression that docs I have carried to the VISA interview(including offer) letter, are suffice. Is there anything else required like invite letter from the employer etc?

Please let me know if there is anything else I need to be concerned. Thanks again for all your help.