Hi all,

Need your guidance and advise on an issue i face with the names in I129 , I797c and my current Indian Passport. My current Indian Passport has the surname blank and has details as below:

surname: blank
Given Name:aaa bbb ccc dddd

My I129 petition has the beneficiary name as :

Benificiary Name: ddd, aaa bb (Please note that the characters is missing and the ccc word is missing)

Now my WP approval Notice (I797C) has the beneficiary name as :

Beneficiary Name: aaa bbb ccc , No Name Given

I understand that my I797C has my given name(in passport) in Last name and my first name is updated as "No Name Given" ...

Now what should i do?

1) Should i change the names in Passport so that i can have a surname and change all documents of US and then go for visa stamping?

2) How long will it take to get an amendment done in I797C?

3) Can i go for the visa interview with only the passportchange and explain them the need or is it mandatory to have the amendment done before VI?

4) How easy or difficult is it to get SSN and DL in the USA with the current I797 petition with "No Name Given" ??

Kindly guide.