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3 year ban

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  • 3 year ban

    i am contacting you with an issue regarding my wife visa status.
    she entered US with F2 Visa, because of miss guidance by my employer we did not apply for her change of status when my I converted to H1(on OCT 1st 2013 from F1. And we dont know that her visa got cancelled once my visa converted to H1(on oct 2013) and we didnt realize that until July 2013. Once we found out that she is out of status we contacted X law firm and we were given suggestion that best option would be going to india and get stamped. so she left to india to get her H4 stamped and now she was banned to enter into US for 3 years.
    I want to know all my option that are left to bring her back. We have a daughter 18months old was born in US.


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    please explain

    How did you find out about the ban?
    Since she went to India, did the US consulate issue a ban?