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Can I apply for B2 & H4 visa at a time

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  • Can I apply for B2 & H4 visa at a time

    Hi Guys,
    Let me first share some background. I am getting married in 5th Dec 2014 from Kolkata, India; my fiance's native place. He is working with Infy on H1B visa. His travel plan is fora month he will be flying back on 3rd Jan 2015.
    I wanna travel with him to USA. We are planning to file H4 visa immediately after our wedding. now we have few concerns with same.
    1st: we need to apply for marriage certificate which is taking more than a week time so probably will be getting marriage certificate by 15th Dec. Than we will apply for visa
    As Dec is a month of holidays, we are not sure we will get H4 visa so soon that i can travel with him.

    So we we are thinking to explore B2 visa, say if i apply for B2 visa now Aug 2014, and wont travel now will travel with him in Jan 2015.
    Meanwhile applying for H4 visa in Dec 2014.
    Is this possible?

    Please help ASAP.