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Dropbox exprience - Chennai Consulate

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  • Dropbox exprience - Chennai Consulate

    Hi all,

    I would like to share my dropbox experience with you all.

    I opted for dropbox submission to renew my H1B visa.

    I sent the following documents through my friend who dropped off at Team Stanely location in Bangalore.

    1. Passports including old expired passports (this was specifically asked for)
    2. 2 Passport size photos
    3. Dropbox confirmation letter
    4. DS160 application confimation page
    5. I797 original and copy
    6. Visa page copy
    7. LCA copy
    8. I129 copy
    9. Degree certificate copy
    10. Marriage certificate copy (for my spouse H4 visa)
    11. Empolyer letter
    12. Paystub of last 3 months
    13. Visa fee payment receipt original and copy

    The Team Stanely Center is the same location for visa paper collection and distribution center for other countries visa. Therefore, there was a huge crowd. My friend stood in line for long time. When he went inside, he submitted the above-listed document for each applicant. The visa document collecting person went through all the documents and took only I797 copy and visa copy. He returned all other documents. He asked my friend to attach my I797 copy to all other application. He had to go out to take copies of I797 and submitted same on Monday. He was told that it would take about 5 working days to complete visa process and receive the passports back in collection center.

    Then I started tracking passport online page https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/applicanthome

    1st day: "Passport in transit to post"
    2nd day: "Passport is being delivered to post"
    3rd day morning: "Passport is still with US Embassy/Consulate"
    3rd day evening: "Passport has been received from the consular section and currently is being process for delivery"

    I have already signed and sent my authorisation letter to collect passports on my behalf.

    Hope to receive the passports back by next Monday.

    Will update with further development soon.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Dropbox experience - Chennai Consulate


    Glad to inform that my passport is ready for pickup. Received confirmation email today.

    Its really pretty quick. My documents were submitted on Monday and the passports are ready for pickup on Friday. The total turnaround time is 5 days.

    I am really happy to have opted for dropbox. It saved a lot of time and travel.