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When to File H-4 visa papers???

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  • When to File H-4 visa papers???

    I got my H1-B visa stamped on 31/10/2005. I am planning go to USA in January -2006. I am getting married in December-05. My questions are:-

    1. What is the earliest day by which my fiance can put application for H4?
    2. Is it so that only after 6 months of my stay in USA, she can apply for H4?
    3. She has done her M.Sc in Ba-medical here? Whether she can further study in USA on H4?
    4.What documents are required for her to get h4 visa stamped?

    please respond

    Thanks in Advance

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    Take one appointment for you(H1B) and your wife(H4) after the marriage. You can maybe schedule the appointment now for a date after your wedding and its registration. She can apply along with you..... no wait time. And H4 spouses cannot study except in Community colleges, international student counsellor any school can clarify on that. May be she can convert status from H4 to F1 after reaching the US.


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      Dear Veena

      I already got my h1b visa.... Do u mean to say i have to once again appear for my visa interview after marriage. I think only my wife will appear for her h4 visa.

      Regarding your view of chaning status from h4 to f1, can it be done in US after going there, or one has to come to india for visa stamping.

      awaiting your reply



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        I guess i missed out on the part of your posting that mentioned your visa. Yes, only your wife will have to appear for her H4 visa interview. I think she will have to provide an explanation as to why you have not travelled to the US inspite of your stamping in October. Her appointment can be made immediately after your marriage. Change of status can be done from H4 to F1 within the US, she will need a F1 visa only if you plan to leave US and re-enter at some point of time. Contact an immigration attorney to guide you.