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First H1B stamping in Jamaica

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  • First H1B stamping in Jamaica

    My spouse is currently in US on H4 and she has her first H1B approved with I797B (with no I-94)
    To apply for change of Status and start work, we were thinking of going to Jamaica for stamping and come back with H1B stamped on the passport
    We have all the documents including education evaluation from Trustforte, degree and work experience from India
    The employer who filed the petition is genuine and I have last 3 years tax documents, project documentation, SOW, org chart etc

    She has no work experience for last 4 years (as she has been on H4 in US)
    Can someone tell me how does it go in Jamaica and what kind of queries I can expect?
    Anyone who went to Jamaica for first time H1B stamping, please share your views
    Any immigration lawyer who can give expert advise
    I emailed Jamaica embassy and they have responded saying she can come for visa stamping
    As her H1B petition is already approved by USCIS, I am assuming there should not be any problems. Thoughts?