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H4 visa stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

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  • H4 visa stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

    I know this question has been asked many times but i am still doubtful and need some help.

    My wife is on H4. I recently got my H1 extended and she has I797 but in passport her H4 is expired.
    I also applied H1 for her and she got it. We could not get her a job till now.
    One of my friends told me about going out of the country by Oct 1st so her H1B will not get activated.

    I live in Houston and the nearest out-of-country location Matamoros, Mexico. She has to goto Mexico, get her H4 stamped and come back with H4.
    I am sending my three and half year old daughter with my wife. Worst case, if she has to travel to India (Home country) from there, my wife wants our daughter with her.

    1) She is going by road into Mexico. Will I94 reflect that she went out of the country?
    2) After searching, i have found one Mr.Salvador at Best Western, Matamoros who provides service [https://mexicovisaservice.appspot.com/]. Any experience with him?
    3) What will be the questions for H4 stamping? I am hoping regular simple questions. I dont know what to answer if they ask 'why did you come to Mexico'
    4) While filing, it asks for home address etc. Can we give US address or should it be Indian address?
    5) Do we need a separate phone for Mexico or will US cell phone (At&T) work?
    6) Do we need Mexican currency with us?
    7) How much would it cost to re-enable H1B once we get a job? How long would it take for the process?

    Appreciate your help. Thank you so much in advance.
    Also, if anyone out there is going to Matamoros around Sep 30th, please let us know.