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CGI Receipt number ,MRV Receipt.

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  • CGI Receipt number ,MRV Receipt.

    Hello members
    I am an H4 applicant and while I created my log-in on ustraveldocs.com I have come across few doubts:

    1) I am asked for
    a)Principal applicant ,
    b)Visa class
    c)Petitioner details

    For the above will it be details of my spouse who is on H1B for "a" & "b" and her company details who has applied for her H1B in the "c" Petitioner details as it appears on her I 797?

    2) My spouse and I will be applying jointly so while scheduling the appointment by default the stanley receipt generated in my spouse is for two people for the amount of $380,I assume that if I make a joint fee payment there will be a single MRV receipt generated,however in the application it is asking for individual receipt number for both of us.

    Do I have to put the same MRV number in both the slot for her and myself while she is scheduling the appointment

    3) Lastly but most importantly is the CGI reference number unique to every log in created on ustraveldocs.com?

    Please advice

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    Any opinions on this?


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      1. Yes
      2. Enter same for both..You have to enter bank reference number and not CGI ref. no. if I'm not wrong.
      3. Yes. But if you had paid the fee you wu have got one..so use as specified above
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