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  • H1 extension help


    My current H1B i797 expired on 31st Sept 2014 and my i94 is expiring on 10th Oct 2014.

    My current employer is filing for H1B extension now. I have following queries.

    1. Can we file H1B extension even after expiration of i797 or i94?

    2. Once my current employer files for H1B extension and I left the organization, what will happen to it. Even if it's approved, how would I get i797 document as you know that once you leave the organization, there are less chances of getting any help. And what if I get an RFE?

    3. If H1B extension is filed and I left the organization before I got the receipt id, can I get it from USCIS or through some other means?

    Looking for some quick response.