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H1b administrative processing 221(g): Pl. respond

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  • H1b administrative processing 221(g): Pl. respond


    I had an interview last month with Chenaai Consulate, I was issued 221(g) with details as Administrative Processing. The consulate has asked me to attend the second time only when called for.

    Today i have received response from chennai consulate asking me to appear again on any Monday through friday. But they have not specified if i need to carry any additional documents like client invitation or photos or experience etc..

    Now i am confused what additional documents will require by consulate. Pl. respond if anyone has gone through the same process or If any info regarding the same is highly appreciated.


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    HI abcd

    Did they ask you to pay some fees when they gave you 221G
    I had gone through the same situation. I attended the interview last month 25 Sept the officer asked me to pay some fees around Rs 3470
    as they said my case needs further administrative processing
    then the next day i submitted the fee and they took the other 2200 visa issuance fee demand draft and my passport from me saying that they 'll get back to me..
    Till now no response is ur case is same as mine...

    I think they will take ur interview again so go with all the original documents
    as far i know u need to fill the form DS -156 and DS-157 again .. BUt i m not sure better u take everything with you all the client letter photographs ur experience letters .. It all depends on the mood of the officer at that time ..
    He can ask anything from you and he might not ask for even a single documents But i would suggest you to play safe and take all the documents with you and if possible take one xerox of every document with you.
    Do not hesitate and answer straight forward.

    Keep in touch !!

    you can mail me at [email protected]

    All the best for your interview.


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      better u take what are the document that u have. if they ask u give right. u take all the letters what u have first time. exp letter and employer given docs (22 nearlly 22 papers). if u have any additional papers pl take them also.

      good luck and all the best.


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        My wife is trying to get her H4 visa from Chennai. Last month when she went for interview we had an H4 query and asked for some more documents. After I furnished all the required documents and sent them to her, she went for interview again. This time they took the new documents I had sent, passport and visa issuance fee and gave her a letter saying more administrative processing required. I am not sure what that means. Do you have any idea about this.. does this mean that she got visa or do we have to go back for interview and do the entire process again. All help is really appreciated.
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          Please tell us what hpnd in the 2 interview

          Hi read ur question

          I am sure u would have already attented the 2 interview can u pls tell us after how long u heard from te embassy and what did tey ask n the 2 interview

          Also if u havent gone yet u need to go with new DS 156 and 157 and carry all ur documents with u

          pls share ur exp and mail me at [email protected]