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    Hi Team,

    My H1B was approved in 2012 but not stamped. I got an RFE when i went for interview and i sumitted all the requested docs. After some time, i was called for a re interview and that time, it was not like an interview but they were suggesting that they are not confident on the company i am going with and hence they can not issue a visa. They were asking me to withdraw the petition. Since, i was not aware on the impact of withdrawal, i told them to speak to the company on what ever they said to me. Then they said like they are revoking the petition.
    After that i have got an information from the employer that he received some queries for which they replied and they are waiting to hear back from them.
    Its more than a year that i have appeared for reinterview and some days back i received an email from DOL that thy are conducting a compliance review against that company and they want to speak to me.

    Any idea what is this- conducting compliance review against a company? What will be asked??