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Accidental change of status from F1-OPT to H1B by USCIS

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  • Accidental change of status from F1-OPT to H1B by USCIS

    While I was working on OPT, my attorney had applied for H1B in April with a consular processing request (change of status I-539 was not filed). The H1B petition was approved.

    Today, I learned that USCIS had accidentally authorized a change of status request for me from F1-OPT to H1B effective October 1. The change of status wasn't intended and we specifically filed for consular processing, so that I can extend my OPT to the STEM extension, and get the H1B stamped later in the future. But my SEVIS record in the CLAIMS database was automatically deleted on October 1 due to the accidentally authorized change of status.

    Will I be able to revert my status back to F1 on OPT and reinstate my SEVIS record, if the above facts are correct and the mistake was indeed made by USCIS, and not by my attorney? How should I go about doing this?
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