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Petition not valid in the system

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  • Petition not valid in the system

    Dear All,

    Today I have received an email from consulate regarding my current visa status which is under Admin processing from past 25 days. Reply is as below.

    'DEAR SIR,

    Your petition is not valid in the system,

    Please check it with your employer and send us email only when you are sure it’s fixed.'

    My employer is confirming that everything is completed in my case and that is why I got I-797 approval notice.
    Is this related to PIMS update? Because, VO was not able to find my petition in the system at the time of interview, but didn't told anything about that.
    If it is related to PIMS, as far as I know, VO has to send mail to relevant department to update the PIMS. But here VO has written mail to me to clear the issue.
    So what can I do now in related to this case (PIMS)?

    Kindly suggest.