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Need info L1 to H1 transfer.

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  • Need info L1 to H1 transfer.


    I am holding L1 visa thru a company A and still waiting for my chance to travel to US..(ie i m still in India). In the mean time my fresh H1 visa got approved thru a some US consultant company B and i am going for H1 stamping in Dec' 05 end.

    Now my doubt is:
    1) If i get a chance to travel US thru company A before my H1 Visa stamping in India ...but after reaching US at some later point of time i want to work for company B...is it possible to transfer this L1 Visa to H1 Visa of company B?
    if not then do i have to come back to India again for stamping of my already appproved H1 Visa or can i go to some other country embassy also??

    2) Suppose i do not want to work for Company B and i m still in US on L1 visa with company A.....in the mean time some US company is ready to file my H1. Is it possible to transfer L1 visa to this company C's H1 visa? If yes then do i need to go for stamping again??

    Please help me.
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    1. You can work for company B as long as visa through them is valid. No transfer or stamping needed.

    2. You can work for company C. They need to file your H1. No stamping needed.
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      But is L1 to H1 transfer is possible?


      But i still have one doubt.
      Is L1 is transferable to H1 if i am working for Company A on L1 Visa in USA ?


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        You cannot get a L1 to h1B transfer. H1B is bound by quota and you will have to wait for 2006 for the new quota. If the H1B is approved as a fresh petition, then you will need stamping on PP to start employment.