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Urgent Help Needed On Queries Related to H1B Transfer

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  • Urgent Help Needed On Queries Related to H1B Transfer

    Hello All,

    Currently I employed with company A and got an offer from company B. Company B has started my background check and it still in progress.
    Company B has prepared my LCA document and will be filling shortly and on approval will file my h1b transfer in premium processing. But company B personnel told me that
    if background is not completed in that time then they will have 2 options
    1. I have to wait till background process is completed
    2. Contingent employment till my background process is completed

    1. Should I let them file my LCA or should i stop them in doing that?
    2. Is their any harm in getting the LCA filled till the background process is in progress?
    3. Suppose my LCA is filled and H1 transfer gets approved and still the background process is in progress, how much time do I have to join the new company? Can i wait for 1 more month with my current employer?
    4. Can I continue working with my current employer after H1B transfer?
    5. If I decide to stay with my current employer after H1B transfer, can i do that?

    To all the people on the forum please help me with my queries. I really need your help which will help me to take decision.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    Urgent Help Needed On Queries Related to H1B Transfer

    Hello All,

    People on the forum please respond to my queries.

    Thanks in advance


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      Urgent Help Needed On Queries Related to H1B Transfer

      Here is my opinion...

      1. Let them apply LCA and apply ur H1 transfer in premium mode and get the result in 15 days. There is no harm in applying LCA/H1 transfer and its purely depend on you whether to take it or not. You can have n number of petition application but you should be working for only one employer at any point of time.

      2. If I am you, I will not submit my resignation with my current employer until I receive new H1 approval ( Yes, not even the H1 receipt notice). Think twice before you take any steps and always remember there is no grace period when you are not on any payroll. You will be out of status from very next moment and it may impact your future applications with USCIS.

      Take your time, If its a consulting company, Try to do more ground work before you take any decision.

      Hope this helps and This is my opinion.