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H1B Transfer Rejected... Previous H1B not revoked

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  • H1B Transfer Rejected... Previous H1B not revoked


    My H1 for company A is still valid, But this company never paid while I was working for them on OPT. SO on Oct 1 , 2014 ( start of my H1b status) I moved to company B and started working on receipt. Unfortunately, for this company H1B got denied on 16 Dec, 2014. More Unfortunately, Company A employer is VERY RUDE, he is just not ready to cooperate, even my company is ready to pay him good money to put me on his pay-roll.

    Now I am re-applying with company C by 20 Jan (hopefully).

    I am worried now, I am technically out of status. In the normal best case for me, If I get approval for C, without I94, I have to go back for stamping. So in that case, will the VO can deny the stamping because I stayed in US Out of Status for maybe 2 months ?????????

    Ideal I should leave the company immediately, but I can't leave US right now, as that way Company C may loose interest to fight for me. And I won't have any company or any project to re-apply.

    Please Advice me!
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