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Appearing for H1 VISA at Chennai

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  • bobby_maganti
    well I did give my siblings info who lives here when I appeared for H1, I got the visa.

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  • rkreddy
    started a topic Appearing for H1 VISA at Chennai

    Appearing for H1 VISA at Chennai

    First of all I would like to Thankyou for your wonderful service, that you are providing thru these forums and to all members who provide valuable feeback.

    My brother is going to appear at Chennai consulate for the H1 VISA and would like to know if he should mention my information in the application form?. Does this in anyway jeopardize his chances of get the VISA.

    I am living in US for quite sometime now and have a GC.

    He was in US before, completed his MS here and worked for 1 year on PT and he had to goback as he got laid off during the recession in 2001, Now he is presently working for GE in Hyderabad for couple of years now.

    Should he give my information in the application?. I would really appreciate your feedback.