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H1B Portability If not entered the US

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  • H1B Portability If not entered the US

    Hello Guys,

    I work for a MNC, have got my H1 visa stamped back in 2012 and haven't traveled to the US on the same since.
    I have sought an employer in the US who has sponsored of my transfer and fortunately got approval for the same. I have petition approval notice for the transfer handy with me.
    I have quit my current job and will be travelling to join my employer in the US soon. My friends in the US opine that, only upon entering the US with my initial visa sponsor I should have got my visa transferred.
    And I have seen any cases as that of mine. I am little nervous on being quizzed at the port of entry, not sure what specifics will be asked. Can you please help me in this regards?

    Thanks in advance and have a pleasant day ahead!