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OPT expired, H4 status pending, travelling to India..Please Help!!

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  • OPT expired, H4 status pending, travelling to India..Please Help!!

    My wife's OPT is expired. I applied H4 for my wife in November 2014 and it is still in pending status today. We are planning to go to India in March 2015 (first 3 weeks).
    Chances of H4 being approved by March 2015 are very low as USCIS is processing August 2014 applications now. I was told to go to India and then withdraw H4 application and appear for H4 stamping on a fresh application. But I have a few questions about it.

    1. Withdrawing application can be done by sending letter to USCIS. Does she need to wait until she gets a response about this request or Can she go ahead and schedule a H4 Visa interview?

    2. As my wife's OPT is expired on Jan 26,2015 would it be risky to appear for an H4 visa interview in this situation?

    3. I thought there would have a 60 day grace period after OPT expires, if so, would it be OK appearing for Visa interview in March first week of 2015 (My wife will be within 60 days of grace period).

    Please help, Thank you so much
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