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H4 to H1 VISA Transfer Application - 2015

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  • H4 to H1 VISA Transfer Application - 2015

    Respected All,

    I'm currently in USA with valid H1 visa. My Wife is in H4 visa since last year and we are planning to file H1 VISA for my spouse this year. My Wife is currently in India for vacation and coming back by end of April'2015. Now after speaking with few consultants i have few questions on filing H1 VISA for my wife this year.

    1. Did my Wife need to be in USA before April 1st'2015 while filing for her H1 Visa? If this is the only option, then i have to change her travel plans and ask her to be in USA by March itself.
    2. Is there any other way for me to apply for her H1 VISA while she is still in India?

    Please help me in clarifying my above queries with your expertise and let me know for any more information from my end.

    Thanks in Advance.