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No experience letter for h1b interview

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  • No experience letter for h1b interview

    Hi experts,

    I am in H4 visa, I am planning to convert my H4 to H1 through a company that is ready to offer me a job. I did a short term

    certification in US in Business analysis (IT) but I am from a life science background education with masters (from another country) and I have 2 years 6 months of exp, working in IT in my home country, but the problem is I

    do not have an exp letter for 2 years of my work (I tried my best I cudn't get it from the company), and almost 1 year I am

    here without working (Gap in my career) so much of gap and no exp letter will I be eleigible for H1B

    I have learnt from USCIS rule that I am eligible for it with my masters degree from a univ, but my concern is will I be

    considered for a Business analyst position which is all IT and will the certification help matching it? since the

    certification is a short term course i couldnt opt for an OPT too.