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L1 to H1 COS issue...please help..

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  • L1 to H1 COS issue...please help..

    I Entered USA with L1B visa and applied for a change of status to H1B on 2014. The COS got approved and I received I-797A with an i-94 attached.It states that the change of status is approved. The issue is the COS approval happened when i was outside USA. I was under the impression that COS will be abandoned if you go out of USA before the approval. I went out of USA on August 17 when the case was in RFE. The Case got approved on september 2nd with effective i-94 dates from oct 1st . I traveled to USA again in L1 on september 22nd and got a new i-94. Will the H1 status get active again on Oct1st ? or Will the L1 remains active even after Oct. 1st ? or Am i out of status by now? What should i do now? Please help...
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