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h1b and H4 visa reinstate/transfer

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  • h1b and H4 visa reinstate/transfer


    I hope someone could help me to clarify.

    I got my H1 approved on Oct 1, 2012 from employer A. I got visa stamped which had employer A name on it and it expires on June 2015. I transferred my H1b to employer B on Sept 2013 and my I-797 had validity date until June 2016 . My spouse got H4 visa which expires on June 2016 and has my name with employer B I-797 receipt number and employer B name on it.

    I resigned my H1b job on December 2014 and left USA.

    Now, I would like to come back to USA again for a new employer C.

    My Question is:

    1) Can i do the re-instate or transfer my H1b to employer C? Or do i have to file a new H1b cap exempt?
    2) Is my H1b visa from employer A still valid and can i use it to enter USA?
    3) Is my spouse H4 visa still valid and can we use it to enter USA?
    4) Since i am going for employer C, do i have to do anything additional for my spouse visa? Is there anything called H4 reinstate or transfer?
    5) What is expected processing time?

    I appreciate any suggestion on my situation.