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H4 Visa - Spouce is a doctor

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  • H4 Visa - Spouce is a doctor

    Hello All!

    I recently got engaged to a doctor! I'm on H1B visa. My spouse has recently completed her BDS (Dentist). We have booked an appointment for H4 visa stamping at Chennai consulate.

    My spouse is worried about her qualification. She being a doctor, she is worried that her visa might be rejected. Looking at bad experiences her friends had, she doesn't want to mention her qualification on DS 157 form. She wants to mention 12th class as her highest level of education.

    Please advise if its a good idea:
    - Not to mention her qualification on DS157 form. Just mention 12th class as her highest level of education. If we do so, do we have to face any consequences later?
    - Mention her qualification and keep our fingers crossed. Just hope that see gets her visa.
    - Do we have any other options?

    In case, if we decide to mention her qualification, what kind of questions can we expect? Any tips appreciated.

    She hasn't taken her DDS exams yet.

    Would appreciate any advise.


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    Misrepresentation amounts to Fraud which can spoil chances for ever.
    Your information on US visa application goes into huge database which is crosschecked against each and every time when you apply next time.

    Honesty is the best policy.


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      H4 legally allows a person to join spouse in the US irrespective of the qualification. Never misrepresent on the application for. Just ensure paper-work for H4 stamping is good.