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    My wife recently had her H-1B stamping interview at US embassy in Delhi. The VO said "approved, you will get your passport in 2-3 days", but when she got her passport and I-797A back today, the passport wasn't stamped and she received a 221G (white slip) along with it requesting some documentation to be provided by petitioner. What's disheartening is that she had all these documents on the day of the interview and the officer never asked for a single one!

    Anyway, my questions are:

    1. The original I797A was returned along with the passport and 221G slip. But the 221G slip asks us to return only the passport and ticked documents, it does not explicitly mention the I797A. But shouldn't we send the I797A too along with the passport and copies of other documents?

    2. My wife cannot travel to the nearest VAC due to personal reasons. She can courier the documents to a relative in Delhi who can drop them off at the VAC. Is an authority letter required for this purpose? I asked the ustraveldocs helpdesk and she said only valid photo ID of the person dropping off, but I am not sure. Have people done this before? Is there a sample authority letter?