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Approved H1B Vs Applying L1B extension

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  • Approved H1B Vs Applying L1B extension

    I am currently in US in L1B with employer A, i have valid L1B visa and I -94 untill Aug 2015, as well my dependent working in L2 visa , i would like work with employer A,(L1B or H1B)
    1.I have filed H1B visa change of status and got approved with I-94 with employer B, this is effect from OCt1 2015,
    2. My dependent also applied H1B visa, yet to know the result,
    3.My Employer A would be filing my L1B extension in next month,

    My question is::

    1. should ask employer A for L1B extension ?
    2. if my Empolyer A file L1B extension will it be problem with my approved H1B which is going to be effect by Oct1 2015?
    2. Do i need to inform my Empolyer A , about my approved H1B, before they apply L1B extension?
    3.my L1b expiry my Aug 2015 ,how do i manage from Aug to Oct 1(40 days ) ?
    4. Incase my dependent doesn't get H1B approved, how do i continue my L1B?