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Repply for H4 Visa on H1 transfer ?

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  • Repply for H4 Visa on H1 transfer ?


    Recently I transfered my H1-B from employer X to employer Y. My earlier employer X processed H1-B for me and H4 for my dependents. I do have H1/H4 approval notices from my earlier employer X which is valid until Mar'2007.

    My current employer Y, only transfered H1-B and they are going to send me new H1-B approval notice shortly. They did not process H4 for my dependents. They told me that If I have H4 approval notices which are valid until March'2007 then I do not have to reapply for their H4 visa now. They asked me to send their H4 papers before 90 days of their H4 visa expiry. Is this true? My family will be leaving USA by end Jan 2006. Can they carry their H4 approval notices and my H1-B approval from my earlier employer X and also my new H1-B approval copy during their exit from USA?

    Can they stamp new H4 in India, mumbai based on their H4 approvals from employer X and my supporting document approvals?

    Please reply urgently.

    Thanking you .

    Best Regards,