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  • Port of entry

    Does it really matter at what port we enter. For example if we come on H1 for a company in NY & if the port of entry is chicago will it be a problem or can they ask any extra questions because of this.

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    The situation for me is also same. My company is in WI, and i want to make port of entry in LA, CA. Will it be possible? if so what additional documents are needed.
    (this is for h1b)

    If anyone knws the answer, do let me know.


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      Hi there,

      I also have the same question. I would be working in Texas but i would be arriving in l.a.
      I am planning to visit my relatives first before going there, I have not yet bought any tickets to san antonio, texas. The reason why i am doing this is because i will be starting work on Feb which gives me lots of time to spend in vacation.


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        its little risky..if the officer is so keen in verifying all ur h1 docs and lca and other stuff then be ready to face the questions.
        they may ask you why u r going to place 'x' instead of 'y'.
        u can say that u didn't get ticket on that route so travelling alternative route.
        but again officer may question to show the ticket for 'y'.
        but its all again depends on the officer.


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          ok thanks,
          i will consider that...but i was thinkin , what if it is backed by the company? some sort of letter by the company indicating that they are aware of it and endorsing my vacation...hmm...this things are really complicated.


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            Hey someone call the US embassy and make the point clear!! i could never get that land line free.
            Does Port of entry happens only at international airports?

            The issue is minor but important. Dont assume anythin for granted.

            If someone knows what it is all about clearly, rather than just guessing, do post it!!

            Porbably we can rely on non-legal advisor of immihelp!!



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                ok thanks, does this site happen to have any forum subjects on experiences with port of entry? Somewhat similar to acquiring an H1B in the consul. If none, anybody can put their experiences here.



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                  There are two options given by someone! ( no legal advice)

                  1) Go to nearest international airport from your employers place and make your entry ( no complications)
                  Take domestic flight from there to place you want to visit( friends/ relatives etc) ; no one will ask you anything after poe.

                  2) poe at your friends / relatives place. ( here it is better you have letter from employer stating clearly that you wld be visiting your friend/ relative (address also) for 15-20 days and date of joining will happen later).

                  rest depends on the immigration officer ! choose your option and go ahead.