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SSN - INS Verification

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  • SSN - INS Verification

    Hi Friends,
    I went to apply for SSn after getting my H1B approval notice. but in the receipt from SSN office ,it says that since they are not able to verify my records they will check my documents with the agency which issued them (INS) and if they verify it to be correct, SSA with issue me SSN otherwise NO. HAs anyone faced such a situation? It says it will take 4 weeks but actually how long will it take?
    Can I start working in this situation?
    Can anything be done to speed up this process?
    Appreciate your reply very much.

    Thanks a lot.

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    nothing to worry..its common procedure followed by the SSA. in few states they will take the application and issue the SSN after getting the data from Dept of homeland security(usually from your port of entry). usually it will take 3-4 weeks.
    otherwise, in few states they will accept your application only -after getting the data. either way it takes 3-4 weeks.
    reg the work, better speak to your employer.
    good luck..


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      Thanks for the reply !
      But what should be done in case when the INS takes so much time for sending the details to SSA or when the INS couldn't verify my H1B status at all. Some were saying that even if they have H1B papers INS says that they are still in H4.
      Appreciate your reply very much



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        Same thing happened with me.
        But after 2 weeks I got the receipt and also SSN.