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  • H1B to H1 conversion


    I have recently applied to USCIS to change my current visa H1B to H4. I have received the "receipt notice". I had a simple question:

    If I had specified in I539 my conversion status begin on Aug 1, and I received notice on July 1st, can I quit my job on July 2nd ?

    Would I go out of status if I quit my Job after receipt notice ? before the specified change of status mentioned on Section 2.a on Form I539 ?

    Again For Example:

    Applied for change of Status H1B to H4 via Form I 539.
    Application date: June 1st 2015
    Receipt Received: July 1st 2015
    New Status Effective date of change: Aug 1st 2015. (As filled on Section 2.a on Form I539)
    Can I quit on: July 2nd 2015 ?

    - Sharada Ramachandra

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    Since you have specifically requested the H4 effective date to be August 1st, you will remain to be in H1B status until the end of July (When approved, H4 will come effective as of August 1st). If you do not maintain the H1B status until then, you will go out of status. If you have requested the H4 to be effective immediately in form I-539, then you are allowed to quit the job as soon as you receive your receipt notice.
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