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Received I-797B and I-94 expired---urgnet plz

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  • Received I-797B and I-94 expired---urgnet plz

    My employer filed for H1 extension in the month of Feb-2015.
    Visa/I94 expired on 22-April-2015.
    Got a RFE and responded in the month of March.
    I have received I-797B (without I-94) with 1 year approved petition (till May-2016) on 01-June-2015.
    Returned to India for stamping on 15-June-2015.

    In this scenario what are all the chances of getting stamping?

    Please help me.

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    Since you left U.S within 2 weeks from receiving the approval without a valid I-94, it won't be an issue. Mention the dates clearly on DS160. Mention that you left as soon as possible after receiving the approval for consular processing.

    On a different note, why did the approval come without a valid I-94. Did your company attorney followed up with USCIS regarding that. Were you out of status when the extension was filed?
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      Hi Kanth

      I am also in the same situation like you, did you attend interview and what questions they asked.
      Please email me with details.

      G C Chowdary