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  • H1 B refused

    My H1 B was refused under section 221(g).
    Actually i went to chennai consulate for the first time and they have given me 221(g) stating to provide project details and appear for the interview in person. I have taken the documents in the second time and again they asked me to provide documents regarding marketing analysis and said to put in drop box. I submitted all the documents via drop box. within 3 days i received letter from consulate stating that
    "Based on the documents you have submitted to us, and the information elicited in your interview with an american consular officer, you do not appear to be qualified for an H1 b temporary work visa, for your information your visa was refused today under section 221(g), essentially this section states that a visa cannot be issued to anyone whose application does not appear to the consular officer to meet the requirements of the INA or of the regulations thereunder."

    So, please anyone suggests me that if i can apply for h1 b by another petitioner or r there any possible ways to get my visa stamped.

    Thanks in advance for your valuable information.

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    hello rummy

    tough luck for getting 221. can i know your qualification and years of experience in IT? I think refusal of H1 is possible if you are not BE or MS IT and dont have 6 years of experience.As far as i know your petition will be sent back to US and cancelled but I think you can still apply for new petition in this years quota. If you find any new info about this matter please let me know


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      Hi Rama Krishna,
      I am having BE in electronics and communications and 5 years IT exp. Can i apply again with another petition in this year quota (2005 oct - 2006 oct ) ? I think this quata is already over.

      Any help will be appreciated.


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        rummy, reapply thro good employer

        hi rummy,
        i am sorry to hear that. mycase is exactly the same as yours, but still havent put the docs in drop box.

        the refusal is only due to the employer docs. it was not based on your qualifications, if so, they would'nt have asked for employer docs 2 times. that shows that they are satisfied with your eligibility. you can reapply for next quota.but this time ensure that you go thro a good consulant. because start up companies/consultancies fail to provide proper documentation..i realized by my own experience..
        In my case, VO was not satisfied with the proj desc etc, so she asked me to submit those docs again.
        Anyhow i lost hope with my employer and just trying for luck.can you share the format(if possible doc attachement) of your documentation(prj desc/market analysis). it could help me to validate the same of what my employer provides before i submit..
        all the best,


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          Does your letter ask for the same documents again.Ask your employer to give the documents again

          Submit it ..follow the same procedure
          221(g) is again not refusal.