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Applying for H4 without H1-B stamping

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  • Applying for H4 without H1-B stamping

    Is it fine to have married an H1 visa holder while you were on B1/B2 and apply for H4 from your home country? Would it make it difficult? He hasn't got his H1-B stamping yet and I am really worried about that.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    H1B visa stamping is not required to get the H4 visa stamped. All that you need is a valid H1B approval notice from your spouse and other related documents. However, since you are getting married in U.S while you are in B1/B2 visa, it can be questioned while you attend the visa interview. You might need to prove that your intent of travelling to U.S in B1/B2 is not to get married.
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