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H1B Extension with i-140 after finishing 6 years on L1/H1B

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  • H1B Extension with i-140 after finishing 6 years on L1/H1B

    My employer has filed for H1B extension papers 3 months ago. My I-140 was approved couple of years ago.
    However, I haven't received the receipt number. I understand the approval might take some time, but why would they not send the receipt?

    I need the receipt for getting the drivers license renewed. My employer has already requested a duplicate receipt as the check was already cached.

    Why would they not send the receipt?

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    They would always send the receipt notice. Usually, the receipt notice can be expected within 15 days from delivering the documents at USCIS. If you haven't received it so far, then it might have been lost in post. Your employer should contact USCIS to get the receipt notice. Also, if it is already 90 days past the receipt date / check cashing date, then your employer/attorney should talk to USCIS to get a status on your case. They can take an infopass appointment with USCIS to discuss your case. It is not advisable to wait too long (more than 90 days) on a pending petition.
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