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H1B Amendment Timeframe

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  • H1B Amendment Timeframe

    I work for company X. My H1B was filed for GSK in Philly. I got my visa stamped and was travel ready last year itself. However, the project fell through. I again got a new project in a new role this year for Cisco in Bay Area while with company X. My company filed my H1B amendment and I got a mail from my company immigration team on June 26, 2015, that my premium application <XXXXX> has been filed with USCIS on June 25, 2015. I also read some threads suggesting that premium processing is on hold. I am not able to understand when will this get clarified and when can I be travel ready. Any help with pointers on timeline, steps, guidance will be hugely appreciated.

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    Premium processing available for amendment without extension. If the employer want to request an extension with the amendment, then they will have to wait until the last week for July. Under normal processing, it will take 2-3 months to get the decision from USCIS.
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