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  • H4 Interview application


    My spouse has traveled to the US on H1 and I am applying for H4 visa. I have submitted the DS160 and I am filling the visa appointment application. After providing my Passport and address details the site is asking to provide Petition Details-
    Petitioner's Name- Principle applicant's petitioner's name
    Issue date- H1B visa issue date as mentioned in the I-797 (please confirm)
    Receipt number- I-797 receipt number (please confirm)
    Expiry date- ??

    I assume that the petition 'Valid to' date provided in the I-797 should be entered in this 'Expiry date' field. But when I place the cursor in this field, a pop-up window is opening saying 'passport expiry date should be in the future'. Why is it asking about passport expiry in Petitioner's section while its already mentioned in Passport details section?
    Please throw some light on this.