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h4 at chennai consulate got 221g

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  • h4 at chennai consulate got 221g

    Hi, i have attended interview for h4 at chennai consulate on january 7th 2006,got 221g and asked to provide the degree certificate and and transcripts of my husband.the query is somthiing like this
    " notorised explanation of husband's activities in the us and elsewhere since recieving 1st f1 from xxx university".
    "copy of transcripts and copy of degree certificate"
    My husband went to us on F1, complted his degree and then got his h1 done.and he
    has worked for sometime and returned back to india. then worked for a year in korea and then went to us again on f1 for a different university.The visa officer got a doubt that he might be out of status(which he was not ) and asked provide those docs.
    my concern is
    1. what does she mean by "notorised explanation of husband's activities" how do we need produce that document
    2. is it necessary to provide inforemation on the activities out of us.

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    Ask your husband to write a letter addressed to the Consulate about his entire time line and activities from the time he landed in the US the first time and get it notarised in the US. Take it with you for the visa interview along with all the supporting documents that you will need to support every activity on your husbands letter.