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H-1B approved but changing employer before October 1st

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  • H-1B approved but changing employer before October 1st


    I've got a weird situation here wherein I got my H-1B approved from my current employer (Employer A) and I am working on OPT STEM Extension expiring on Jan 20th 2016. I am planning to move to a new employer (Employer B), before October 1st 2015. I've few concerns and doubts going around and would highly appreciate if someone can answer these for me please:

    - Does Employer B has to file a new H-1B for me OR file a transfer petition, because technically my H-1B starts on October 1st?
    - If you say it would be transfer then, how is it a transfer since technically the H-1B starts October 1st so currently there isn't a H-1B to transfer?
    - Is there a thing like H-1B withdraw once it gets approved? Can Employer A withdraw H-1B as soon as I give them notice?
    - Do I need to wait until Employer B gets the approval OR I can start working as soon as they file either a new H-1B or transfer (depending upon your answer to my 1st question)?

    Thanks in advance!