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H1 and H4 Visa appointment

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  • veena_swsh
    By virtue of being a returning worker, you will qualify for an emergency appointment at any of the 4 US Consulates in India. You wife too will qualify to accompany you. Make sure that you have all papers pertaining to your employment and wedding intact while going for the interview.

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  • sandiegotechie
    started a topic H1 and H4 Visa appointment

    H1 and H4 Visa appointment

    I have been in the US on H1B Visa for more than 4 years now. I am planning to get married soon. I have some questions regarding scheduling of visa appointment.

    1) My stamped visa on my passport has just expired, so when I go to India, I would have to get my H1B visa stamped. The permanent address on my passport is West Bengal (which is no longer valid), but my parents live in Bangalore. Can I schedule a visa appointment in Mumbai Consulate or is it mandatory for me to schedule it in Chennai Consulate? So far, all my Visas are through Mumbai Consulate even though my parents moved to Bangalore and my permanent resident is Bangalore.

    2) My fiancee is from Bangalore. Her Passport permanent address says Bangalore too. I am thinking of scheduling our appointments (my H1 and her H4 together) in Mumbai Consulate. Does she need to apply for H4 in Chennai Consulate? Are there any risks thinking that neither of us are from Mumbai jurisdiction. The only reason I want to do it in Mumbai is because all my early H1 stamps (2 of them) are from Mumbai Consulates.

    3) Or should I get my permanent residence changed on my passport from Indian Consulate in the Bay Area from West Bengal to Bangalore and then schedule our H1 and H4 visa appointments together in Chennai? I am a bit apprehensive about this one because my GC application has passport photo copies which show West Bengal Address.

    Please advise.