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H1b transfer without working for actual Petitioner | Only have receipt number

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  • H1b transfer without working for actual Petitioner | Only have receipt number

    I need your suggestion on the below for one of my close friend, please help

    I got my H1B petition approved in July 2014 through a consultant C1 (I have petition receipt number in email as proof,but no other document like soft copy of receipt notice and/or 797 etc) [and no visa stamping]
    I traveled to USA couple of months back on H4(spouse on H1b).

    Can I try to find a new employer and get my H1b transferred under COS(till date my H1b is not used/initiated) on the basis of petition receipt number(I understand that its difficult to find a good employer who will be ready for H1B transfer only on the basis of petition receipt number).

    Thank you !
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    You can initiate a transfer based on the receipt number. But what is the guarantee that receipt number actually belongs to you? If an employer initiates a transfer just based on a receipt number and if for some reason that number does not belong to you, then the petition will get denied and the money spent on that H1B will be lost. That is the main reason why no employer will try to do a transfer based on some receipt number. If your have a copy of the approval notice, then your name will be printed on that and that is the proof that approval notice belongs to you. Try and contact the employer who filed the H1B to see if you can get a copy of the approval notice. Maybe even that employer will be ready now to file a COS to H1B for you if you are willing to work for them. Later you can transfer to a different employer.
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