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EAD application when H1 Changing Employers

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  • EAD application when H1 Changing Employers


    My Situation: I have been in the US for 2 years now on H1B. I am a Full-Time Employee and have my I-140 approved with employer A (a reputed firm). I have received an offer from Employer B (one of the Big 4). Employer B states that they can file my labor only after 1 year of my service.
    Wife Situation: She is on an H4. We intend to apply for her EAD.

    1. If I accept the offer, can I still go ahead and file my wife's EAD? Or do I need to wait till the I-140 is approved with employer B to file EAD?
    2. If my wife travels outside US for a couple of months, how would it affect her EAD? Would the EAD be revoked or will it continue to remain active?

    Would appreciate a response to the above questions.