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H1B Transfer RFE Responding with Available docs will get approval??

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  • vivek1015
    I have been selected in the lottery selection held in April 2015. In the meantime, my employer has requested to provide the date of travel and project code (sponsor i believe). As such, am not able to provide the project code as am unaware of the same. Please let me know the next set of steps and what would happen to my petition? Whether it would be approved and if so, how long it should take?

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  • H1B Transfer RFE Responding with Available docs will get approval??

    Am working for company-A in INDIA. Company-B from US applied my H1B and got petition approval but visa was refused. Now Company-A applied H1B Transfer in premium process. Third party consultancy handles immigration process in COMPANY-A. Somehow they did a mistake instead of applying LCA to client location they applied for company USA base location. They did not double check it and applied mentioning as IN-HOUSE Development. USCIS sent RFE on petition, asking to submit MSA/SoW for the project. In MSA/SoW it is very clearly mentioned onsite work location for project should be client location only. Now they don't have option to change the LCA. As company have budget issue, Company-A can not withdraw application and send new application which required additional cost. So they are proceeding with available documents. I don't have confidence in approval Is there any chance that my petition gets approval? I work for CMM LEVEL 5 INDIAN company.