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H1b Extension while outside the US

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  • H1b Extension while outside the US

    I have an expired HB1 Visa, and a pending extension request.
    I had to leave the US , do to illness in the family back home, not certain how best to proceed with my case.

    do I premium process my current extension request, my HR has advised that chances for the extension to be denied are high with me outside the country.
    Question is do I still pursue it ?

    Moreover if it does get denied , would that adversely impact my ability to have new cap exempt petition filed under premium ?
    My company , client and location would not change for any of the requests.

    To complicate matters , my family remains in the US , though I am in the process of having them return home, do not wish to do anything in the interim that would jepordise their smooth exit (son is a minor and born in the US.)


    in trouble Rouble.