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SUR name issue

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  • SUR name issue

    Dear All.

    I am the Major applicant and to attend the visa interview soon, I have some issue with my sur name in my passport
    My passport: Sur name shows blank and given name shows " Nallani Sandhya "( Nallani is my '''SUR name' and Sandhya is my name)

    Kids Passport: In the mother's name filed shows only Sandhya.

    Husband passport: Every thing is correct(My Spouse name shows ''Nallani Sandhya '')

    Will it affect any Visa issue for dependents(Kids).. please do advise atearlist.

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    It will not affect you in getting the Visa. However, you will have to enter your lastname as Nallani Sandhya and first name as FNU (first name unknown). This will create problems for you in the US. It is better if you split the name in your passport so that there is a surname.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.