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Apply for EAD with I140 having typo in first name

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  • Apply for EAD with I140 having typo in first name

    Hi, My I-140 is approved but there is a typo error in the fist name for which the correction is in process but I am not sure how long this activity would take. I have to apply for my wife H4 EAD. My questions are
    1. Can I apply for my wife's EAD with I140 approval having incorrect first name.
    2. Would the EAD decision be impacted due to typo error in the first name
    3. Is there any way by which I could apply for EAD with I-140 having typo in the first name

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    If you have the receipt notice for the I-140 amendment, then include that while filing the H4 EAD along with the current I-140 approval notice and a cover letter explaining a correction is in progress.
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